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Here at Epic EV Explorer we really do enjoy exploring! It’s the best of both worlds with us, as we combine exploring places across the globe with the world of electric vehicles. Join us as we travel to worldwide destinations with the journey powered by the grid. 

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It’s not just about cars on this site – we also talk about the world of e-scooters, e-bikes, and look forward to a wider rollout of heavy vehicles like trucks and buses, too.


Neil is an EV user, having owned an electric car for several years, e-scooted in over 10 cities from LA to Prague and e-cycled in dozens more. Neil is the owner of a web tech business with clients around the world, and writes on vehicle tech for a motoring magazine.


Ellis and his family have been in the UK motor trade for decades, with expertise on the inner workings of cars new and old. Ellis is looking forward to the wider rollout of EVs in the UK and beyond.  He is the owner of a popular internet car buying business running across the South East.

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