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Help Raise For Save The Children

Get involved and help us raise £150 for Epic EV Explorer’s nominated charity, Save The Children. Tap the link below and be taken to our JustGiving page where it’s possible to make a donation.

What £10 can do

*Data gathered from https://www.savethechildren.org.uk/donate-today (checked July 2023) 

83 Water Purification Tablets
With £10, 83 water purification tablets can be bought
59 Food Paste Sachets
With £10, 59 food paste sachets can be bought
6 Midwives' Birth Kits
With £10, 6 midwives' birth kits can be bought
3 children’s hygiene kits
With £10, 3 children’s hygiene kits can be bought
1 school-in-a-bag kits
With £10, 1 school-in-a-bag kit can be bought.
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Save the Children focuses on addressing the most pressing issues that children face, including poverty, malnutrition, lack of access to education, and vulnerability to violence and exploitation. They work closely with local communities, governments, and partner organizations to implement programs that make a lasting impact on children’s lives.

About Save The Children

Making An impact

Epic EV Explorer is not directly affiliated with Save the Children. However, as a passionate group that cares about making a positive impact in the world, we recognise the importance of supporting organisations like Save the Children.

Epic EV Explorer understands that children are among the most vulnerable members of society, and they believe in the power of collective action to make a difference in their lives. By raising funds for Save the Children, Epic EV Explorer aims to contribute to the organisation’s efforts in providing life-saving assistance, education, healthcare, and protection to children in need.