The Best Selling Electric Cars in the UK in 2022 and What Made Them a Success

Best Selling Electric Vehicles

Do you know that there were over a million plug-in electric cars in the UK as of the end of 2022? With the rising fuel prices and the increasing need to cut our carbon emissions, electric vehicles are becoming popular worldwide. More car manufacturers have also embraced the change, increasing the variety of electric cars in the market.

Another factor that has increased the acceptance of electric cars among consumers is the availability of the required infrastructure, like charging stations. By the end of January 2023, there were over 37,000 charging points across the UK according to one database.

Below are the four of the top selling electric cars in the UK in 2022 and the reasons for their success.

1. Tesla Model Y

This family SUV recorded 35,551 sales in the UK in 2022. Buyers had three variations: the rear wheel model, the performance model, and the long-range model. Features such as a glass roof, UV protection, a 15-inch touchscreen and long range made this car a favourite among electric vehicles lovers.

2. Tesla Model 3

While this car led in 2021 electric cars sales with 25 171 units, it only registered 19 071 sales in 2022. Despite being the cheapest car in the Tesla range, this car boasts high performance, a high range, and an ultra-modern interior. Tesla Model 3’s quality and practicality are comparable to Model S’s, thanks to its big space and interior refinement, making the user’s travel comfortable.

3. Kia-Nero

This South Korean family SUV is a favourite for many in the UK. While it dropped one place in sales, the car sold 11.197 units in 2022. Users love its fast charging ability and its affordable prices. This car’s range is also decent as it can cover up to 239 miles per full charge, thanks to its 64kWh lithium-ion polymer battery.

Users looking for affordability can buy the 39kWh model with a range of 180 miles. All Kia-e-Niro models have adequate legroom and headroom and offer features such as adaptive cruise control and wireless phone charging.

4. Volkswagen ID.3

This small electric family car made sales of 9.832 units in 2022. This car has three battery options: the 77 kWh battery with a range of 338 miles, a 58 kWh battery with a range of 260 miles, and the 45kWh battery with a range of 217 miles.

Most buyers choose this EV because of its reasonable price and neat interior. The car also charges fast when using a 125kW charger.