Gridserve unveils innovative electric super hub in Cornwall

Gridserve Charging Station

How are Gridserve changing the charging infrastructure?

Charging your electric car, van or motorcycle in Cornwall just got a whole lot easier with the opening of Gridserve’s latest Electric Super Hub at Cornwall Services near Saint Austell. This cutting-edge facility combines the latest innovations in batteries and solar energy to deliver ten times the charging power, providing a much-needed boost to the charging infrastructure in the region.

Accelerating EV charging with sustainable energy

The Electric Super Hub features six High Power 350kW-capable chargers, ideal for quick top-ups during journeys, and six Low Power AC chargers, catering to overnight guests at the onsite hotel. Through a combination of the existing 100kW grid connection, a lithium-ion battery, solar energy, and advanced software, the legacy 50kW chargers have been replaced with state-of-the-art 350kW chargers.

Intelligent load management and grid optimisation

Gridserve Power Optimisation bank

The Electric Super Hub boasts a 1MW SEC 1000 battery monitored by Gridserve Technologies hardware, allowing intelligent programming to manage its load and output. The software optimises charging speeds and throughput by considering available grid connection power, battery charge level, time of day, solar output, and the power requested by all vehicles charging. Future updates will enhance predictions based on historical usage patterns and solar generation forecasts, maximising the use of zero carbon energy.

Building towards a sustainable future

To cater to future demand, Gridserve has submitted planning permission for a solar farm adjacent to Cornwall Services. This solar farm will directly connect to the battery and chargers, delivering up to four million zero carbon miles of energy to electric vehicles annually.

Overcoming grid capacity challenges

Gridserve faced the challenge of upgrading the charging power at Cornwall Services due to limitations in grid capacity. To address this, the Electric Super Hub was designed to leverage existing infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, allowing the opening of this major charging facility years ahead of the traditional timeline.

Delivering the best charging experience

Toddington Harper, Gridserve CEO, expressed delight in delivering this UK-first innovation, and hopes that it serves as a blueprint for future projects where large grid connections might not meet the growing demand for electric vehicles. The Electric Super Hub has already proven its effectiveness during busy periods, and Gridserve is committed to refining and optimising the system to provide the best possible charging experience powered by sustainable zero carbon energy.

Our final thoughts 

Though EV drivers’ experiences with Gridserve charging have varied in terms of availability and reliability, this move in the South West appears to be a positive development [1]. By combining sustainable energy sources, intelligent load management, and advanced battery technology, Gridserve’s Electric Super Hub in Cornwall is making strides towards a cleaner and greener future for electric vehicle transportation in the UK.

How to find the Gridserve charging station in Cornwall