#ArcticEVRoadTrip Day 19 Review: Oslo, Norway to Helsingborg, Sweden

Sverige / Council of Europe sign on bridge

On day 19, after a refreshing and well-earned break, we resumed our EV journey. We said goodbye to the vibrant Norwegian capital – and, after almost a fortnight, Norway – and set off towards Helsingborg, Sweden.

Car charge and usage data

Before the long push home that is day 20, we eased ourselves in from the break by making three charging stops. The first one was in Norway; the second and third were in Sweden. In fact, the second stop needed a second attempt, because the first batch of charges we found were a combination of (a) busy, (b) broken and (c) not having enough power to handle both of its charge ports at the same time. Our driver experienced the latter once at a motorway service station and the queues for the inadequate chargers building up as a result.

Doing mainly motorway driving, we managed a respectable 3.8 miles per kWh for day 19.

Driving stats

Story of the day

Starting on the E6, we drove southwards towards the Swedish border, crossing the Svinesund Bridge, an iconic structure connecting the two countries. Once in Sweden, we continued on the E4 towards Helsingborg. Our route offered us magnificent views of the Swedish countryside, a perfect blend of verdant fields, picturesque lakes, and beautiful coastlines.

Crossing the border southbound, into Sweden, was hassle-free. There was a huge queue going in the other direction into Norway. We couldn’t work out whether this was because of roadworks (all vehicles were being diverted off the main carriageway), customs checks or a bit of both.

Helsingborg, a scenic coastal city, welcomed us with its blend of modernity and historical charm. The city’s beautiful parks, impressive architecture, and the relaxing sound of waves crashing against the shore provided a fitting end to our day.

Throughout the journey we have been reminded how our EV has been proving its worth. Its ability to cover long distances effortlessly and comfortably, combined with the almost seamless charging infrastructure along the route, made our day’s travel smooth and enjoyable.