Ariel Dash Unveiled – A New Era of E-Biking Precision and Elegance

Ariel bike

Ariel Motor Company, famed for its innovative approach in automotive engineering, has unveiled its latest venture into the world of electric bicycles with the Ariel Dash. This bike isn’t just a new model; it’s a paradigm shift in e-bike technology, developed by the expert team behind the iconic Atom and Nomad cars and the revolutionary HIPERCAR EV.

The Ariel Dash: A Convergence of Technology and Craftsmanship

From its conception to final assembly, the Ariel Dash represents the pinnacle of Ariel’s commitment to performance, functionality, and precision. Built from the ground up, the Dash integrates advanced materials such as titanium and carbon fibre, ensuring both robustness and feather-light handling.

Two Models Tailored for Every Rider

The Ariel Dash is available in two distinct models:

  • Dash Urban: Perfect for the city commuter, featuring a single-speed belt-drive system for a clean, maintenance-free ride. It offers a power-assisted range of up to 45 miles, extendable to 80 miles with a range extender.
  • Dash Adventure: Designed for the trail enthusiasts, this model comes equipped with a 12-speed Shimano GRX gearset and chain-drive, ready for any terrain with a power-assisted range of about 50 miles, which can be extended to 95 miles.

Unparalleled Drive System

Both models of the Ariel Dash are powered by discreet Mahle hub motors that optimize weight distribution and deliver direct power to the rear wheel:

  • Motor Specs: Each motor is only 100mm in diameter and weighs just 1,399 grams, making it the lightest production e-bike motor on the market. The Urban uses the Mahle X35+ system providing 40Nm of torque, while the Adventure employs the X20 system with 55Nm of torque.
  • Battery Details: The Dash’s battery system is seamlessly integrated into the downtube. The Urban’s battery is 250Wh, and the Adventure’s is 236Wh, both expandable via optional range extenders to offer extended cruising distances. These high-capacity batteries not only drive the motor but also power integrated LED lighting systems, removing the need for additional batteries.
  • Efficient Charging: The Dash charges via a built-in port on the carbon seat tube, using a standard household socket. Full charge is achieved in just 2.5 hours, with the range extender requiring even less time to reach 80% capacity.
  • Transmission Technologies: The Urban model features a maintenance-free Gates belt drive system that lasts up to 50,000 miles. In contrast, the Adventure model is fitted with a durable and versatile 12-speed Shimano GRX gearset, ideal for varied landscapes.

Aesthetic and Functional Design

The design of the Dash exudes Ariel’s philosophy of ‘Less is More’ by hiding all cables and wires within the frame, which not only enhances the bike’s sleek appearance but also protects the components from the elements. This clean design extends to the custom-built titanium and carbon fibre frame, renowned for its light weight and strength, providing an unmatched riding experience.

Customisable and Handcrafted

Each Ariel Dash is hand-built by a single technician in Ariel’s Somerset factory, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and personalised customisation. This bespoke approach allows each rider to have a bike that is not just a mode of transport but a personal statement of style and functionality.

Legacy and Commitment

Reflecting on the heritage of Ariel, Simon Saunders, Director of Ariel, highlights the significance of the Dash in continuing the legacy of innovation that began over a century ago with the Ariel Ordinary. The Ariel Dash is not just a return to bicycle manufacturing; it’s a continuation of Ariel’s pioneering spirit in modern transport.

Final thoughts

The Ariel Dash isn’t merely an e-bike; it’s a testament to Ariel’s dedication to innovation, performance, and quality. With its groundbreaking features and customisable options, the Dash is set to redefine the standards of electric bicycling, offering riders both fun and functionality in one impressive package.

For more information on configuring your own Ariel Dash or to book a test ride, visit Ariel’s official website. Experience the future of e-biking today with Ariel, where engineering excellence meets cycling passion.