New Newark News – Quiet EV charging on the A1 for now

Contributor Peter has just been on a nice summer jaunt up to the East Midlands of England in his Kia e-Niro and told us about his visit to a brand new A1 service station, just south of the Nottinghamshire town of Newark-on-Trent.

It’s at the junction of the A1 and B6326 – completely encircled by both of those roads – and it finally opened in March of this year once the infrastructure around it was in place. It’s a Welcome Break (which is now an Applegreen brand) and offers some nice rapid charging facilities.

Peter writes “Chargers are high power and take contactless” and commented on how quiet it was: “I was the only one using it for a while.”

Needless to say it won’t be like this forever, once all the various maps get updated and this becomes a popular stopping off point for EV drivers heading from London to Edinburgh, or somewhere along the way.

Catch it while you can!

(thanks to Peter for the pics)

How to Find The Quiet EV Charger In Newark