Where are we going?

Embarking on a long-distance road trip is always an adventure, and having the confidence to do it for over 8,000km in an electric car without any charge planning until we hit the sat nav each day is (we hope) a testament to how far EV technology has come. Our journey, starting from the south east of England and culminating in the majestic fjords of Norway, will stretch over 21 days, covering cities, countrysides, mountains, and even the Arctic Circle. Along the way, we’ll pass through historic tunnels, cross iconic bridges, and marvel at nature’s creations.

Here’s the plan for what each day should have in store.

Our journey will commence as we depart from Kent, UK, cruising through the English countryside before boarding the Eurotunnel to France. As we emerge onto the Continent, we’ll be making our way through France, Belgium and into Germany. Our German route will take us to the wider area around Dortmund, where we will have a brief stopover before we continue northwards.

Next, we head to Denmark, the gateway to the rest of Scandinavia. The route will lead us through the enchanting landscapes of Denmark into the heart of its vibrant capital, Copenhagen. From there, we’ll cross the Øresund Bridge into Sweden, travelling north through the stunning Swedish countryside towards the cities of Stockholm and Umeå.

As we traverse further north, we cross into Finnish Lapland, an area renowned for its untouched beauty. This brings us to one of the major highlights of our journey – crossing the Arctic Circle! After exploring the ethereal landscapes of Lapland, we will journey westward into Norway. At this point, we’ll take a couple of well-deserved rest days to recharge ourselves and our vehicle amidst the scenic Norwegian landscapes.

We then push on towards the northernmost point of our trip, North Cape, Norway. Here we’ll enjoy a rest, taking in the spectacular cliff that rises 307 metres above the Arctic Ocean. Following this, our route southwards will take us through various Norwegian cities including Tromsø, Bognes, Grong, and Trondheim. Along this journey, we’ll cross the magnificent High Coast Bridge, travel through the Lærdal Tunnel – the world’s longest road tunnel – and explore Flam and its surrounding fjords before we arrive at Oslo for another rest.

From Oslo, our journey continues southwards into Sweden again, crossing through Helsingborg and heading towards the Germany/Netherlands border. Our final leg takes us through the Netherlands, back to the Eurotunnel, and eventually, to our starting point in the UK.

Over these few weeks, we aim to showcase the reliability of electric vehicles, the current state of charging infrastructure, and the joy of a zero-emission road trip. We won’t be planning our charging stops until we get in the car each morning, emphasising the adventure and the spontaneity of this journey. So buckle up and join us on this exhilarating road trip!

Mainstream moves

This journey promises to be more than just a jaw-dropping road trip. It’s a testament to the possibilities of electric vehicles and the progress that the infrastructure has made. We’re excited to share each step of this journey with you, and we hope you will join us in exploring these wonderful landscapes, cities, and the unique experiences they have to offer.

Don’t miss a moment of this electrifying adventure. Be sure to return to our website to follow our progress and track our EV in real time. We hope that our journey inspires you to embark on your own electric road trip and experience the freedom, beauty, and sustainability that these vehicles offer. After all, the future of car travel is electric!