#ArcticEVRoadTrip Day 12 Review: Bognes, Norway to Grong, Norway

Day 12 driving

Yesterday, on Day 12 of our exciting electric journey, we continued our exploration of Norway’s awe-inspiring landscapes. We left the peaceful coastal village of Bognes and headed inland to Grong.

Our route remained on the E6, a road that has become our trusty guide through the diverse Norwegian terrain. The journey took us through Norway’s rugged interior, featuring an enchanting mix of valleys, forests, and pristine rivers.

Car charge and usage data

A quite “functional” day in terms of getting as far south as possible, with 597km travelled over the course of the day.

Two charge stops, including one in a picturesque waterside location. 4.0 miles per kWh achieved.

Driving statistics

Story of the day

We went to check out of our roadside rest at reception. No-one would be there until midday, but there was a box to put the key into. We had some cereal bars to keep us going and also to get on the road quickly. And after we made sure everything was in the car, we left at about 8:30am.

We were right beside the road when we left so we just got going. The scenery was beautiful, as per usual. There were still fjords but there was a little bit more of a distance between them and us at this point in the trip. Also, there were these really cool looking trees that were really slim and looked like they could just fall straight over. But there were so many of them that they were all supporting one another.

After 2 hours, we had reached the first charge stop. It was a Supercharger, which was very different from the chargers the day before where they were all based in petrol stations and part of their infrastructure. We went over to a nearby shop and decided to get brunch seen as how we hadn’t had that much food for breakfast and it was close to 11:15am. We decided to get hot dogs and then drinks consisted of an ice cold coffee drink and a sugar free raspberry Fanta. Then we started driving again after the car had been charged.

Not long after being on the road, we stopped to look at the Arctic Circle monument that was on the side of the road. Though it was more of an entire visitor’s centre this time around; it had a gift shop, café and so many other things. Our driver even bought three magnets from the gift shop (they were on special offer). After the visit, we got driving again but not before we got a picture of us with the monument.

Then we were driving below the Arctic Circle from that point onwards. The scenery was getting more and more covered in trees. We were no longer driving along any big fjords- the only water that was there were small streams down the side of the mountains. And we were driving alongside a train track for a little while. When it became out of sight on our right, we tried looking around for it until we found it again.

Then we were directed to our second and last charge stop of the day. The chargers themselves were in a large retail park that also happened to have some shops. But, because it was Sunday, none of the shops were open. We even went exploring but still couldn’t find anything except for a small corner shop at the edge of the shopping centre. This was a mini version of the massive shop right next door, just for Sundays and with one staffed till and two self-checkouts. Here we bought some fruit for the car. We got apples, bananas and grapes but we ate the apples on the way back to the chargers. We mentioned chocolate a fair bit in earlier posts but we are balancing that with the healthy stuff too. 

With our car topped up with power, we left to get to the hotel. After we got off of the retail park, the scenery was wonderful again. Although that was short lived as the rain quickly came crashing down and kind of ruined the view. Thankfully, it was only two and a half hours of driving before we reached our hotel. And the rain ended up stopping quite quickly which was good.

After quite a long while, we reached these small cottages at the side of the road and next to a stream and mountains. We then went to reception to check in and get our key for the room. Or rather, a mini house. It was stunning inside and there was even a mezzanine bedroom. We marvelled at the room for a bit, before going to get dinner.